Interview With Ukrainian Landscape Photographer Artem Shestakov


The Magazine Plus Editorial – We were fortunate enough to talk to Artem personally and ask him a few questions.

What inspired you to take up landscape photography?

“I was inspired by the realization that photography is a subject of artistic creation. When I started photographing, I decided to approach this process as an art and present photography as a work of art.”

Which photo or project of yours do you feel the most satisfaction from?

“For me photography is art. My goal is to create artistic photographs. Consequently, the greatest satisfaction I get from works that express my vision of the scene not from works that only convey the actual subject of photography. I want my photos to convey my feelings, emotions, and not just what my camera can capture.”

What is the most important advice for our readers to improve their landscape work?

“Focus on improving your artistic technical skills, rather than relying on purchasing new photographic equipment. Collect art, not cameras. The main limiting factor is you, not your camera, computer or software used. Most beginner photographers have photographic equipment that far exceeds their artistic and technical knowledge and skills. They do not need to buy better equipment, but to develop their own artistic taste, improve technical skills, as well as increase the level of personal interest and involvement in the photography process.”

Are there photographers who inspire you with their work?

“It may be a pretty long list, but the first lines for sure are occupied by Peter Lik, David Yarrow, Charlie Waite, Joe Cornish, Carr Clifton, Sebastião Salgado, Chris Burkard, Michael Kenna, David Noton and Paul Nicklen.”

What kind of camera are you using?

“I want to start by saying that the most important thing to me is the personality of the photographer, his vision, inspiration, and creativity in photography, rather than the camera he uses. Asking “which camera are you using?” Is the same as asking Leonardo da Vinci which brushes he uses or on which canvas he paints his paintings. Obviously, it is impossible to take a photograph without a camera. Of course, the means are important, but what has the greatest value is the artist’s personality and his perception of the world around him. Nevertheless, I will still answer your question. I use several Nikon and Hasselblad cameras. I don’t think these accessories are much different from what most photographers use. What really matters is how you use them.”

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