Extra Large Multi Panel and Triptych Art

At sizes from 6 to 20+ feet wide, this oversized art brings a huge wow factor and the presence of nature to any room.

Artem Shestakov is the only photographer in Florida who has mastered printing at this scale while maintaining ultra-high detail.

Panel art is a great way to have a print fit a wall space larger than a standard print size.

My Lumachrome Trulife Acrylic prints are the largest possible print medium I offer, with sizes up to 120x60".

But what if you have a beautiful entry way into your home that's more than 20 feet wide and want a statement piece to span the entire thing? That's where panel art can let you display very large fine art nature photography at the sizes you need for your space!

Typically panel art is broken into three pieces called a triptych. This means three panels, usually the same size that split a horizontal piece into a left, right and center panel.

However, depending on the height and width of your wall, it may be best to custom tailor four, five or even six separate panels.

The examples on this page show triptych wall art of a few of my panoramic pieces. But panel art can also come in different sizes. Say you have a really large open space that measures 20x15 foot. You could take a standard size 3:2 image and have four panels.











Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I see how it will fit on my wall?
    We offer a complimentary mockup service for all oversized wall décor, ensuring a perfect fit for your space before you place an order. Simply send us a photo of your wall, capturing the entire area up to the ceiling, and include a piece of printer paper taped at the center as a size reference. Send the photo to sales@shestakovfineart.com. With this information, we can present you with various images and sizes, helping you choose the most spectacular combination that complements your space beautifully.
  • Can I get any image on this site printed as a Multi Panel print?
    Our Large As Life images boast high resolution, allowing for flexible cropping to perfectly suit your wall. We offer the flexibility of choosing between 2-6 panels, each with its own unique cropping. While we offer common croppings visible on the photo detail pages, you have the freedom to fully customize sizes and shapes. Your mockups will showcase the exact cropping, which can be adjusted according to your preference to create a personalized and stunning wall display.
  • What is the largest sized print I can get?
    Artem Shestakov's Large As Life Collection features images of unparalleled quality, perfectly suited for large wall decor up to 24 feet (7.3 meters) wide. Additionally, some of his extraordinary nature photographs are of such remarkable resolution that they can be printed up to an astounding 36 feet (11 meters) wide. If you have a desire for this level of oversized wall decor, please don't hesitate to inquire for more information.
  • How are these prints hung?
    The multi-panel prints in our collection are equipped with sturdy French cleats for easy and secure hanging. Additionally, we offer the convenience of arranging installation services through our team for an additional cost, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.
  • Does there have to be space between the panels?
    We recommend a standard gap of 3/4" between the panels for the Large wall décor, as we believe it offers the best visual appeal. However, if you prefer a seamless look, we can provide your order with no gaps between the print panels. It's important to note that achieving a seamless installation requires utmost precision and attention to detail, which may take additional time. While the seam will still be visible at close range, we strive to ensure the highest quality result for your wall décor.

I'm Interested. What's the next step?

For any further inquiries or to initiate the planning and ordering process for your multi-panel large wall art, please feel free to reach out to the Artem Shestakov Fine Art Photography Gallery. To get started, simply send a photo of your wall, capturing the entire space up to the ceiling, with a piece of printer paper taped to the center as a size reference, to sales@shestakovfineart.com. You can also contact us directly at (646) 750-0425. We look forward to assisting you with creating stunning and captivating artwork for your space.