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New Mexico, United States
Limited Edition Run of 30 / Artist Proof Run of 3

Image Story

White Sands Photography, captured not as as originally intended on a sunny day that turned into a sandstorm with heavy rains and lightning, inside which I found myself and spend more then two hours to get out of. Was huge mistake to not checking a weather alerts before going to sand dunes. Which I have seen after, weather alerts in the area, strong west wind advisory. Winds 30 to 40mph with gusts up to 50 mph expected. When I got out of there I was very wet and tired, I had sand everywhere you could imagine. Even my camera stopped working. But before getting out of the storm, I managed to take some beautiful photos. In the same day i got a chance to photograph a beautiful sunrise and then sunny day, sand storm with rains and black sky, afterwards sky with rainbow and on the end epic sunset.